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We show you a different side of Tasmania



Returning to Tasmania, I discovered the state I grew up in, had changed immensly. Tasmania had developed a rapidly expanding tourism sector and a thriving fresh gourmet food scene. After many years working in Asia in high rise buildings, experiencing smog filled air for weeks on end, the freshness of Tasmania was rejuvenating.  


It has been a pleasure discovering many passionate Tasmanians offering high quality products and services.  It is my desire to bring these hidden gems to the forefront so they may be experienced by the asian market. 


Teaming up with Experience Tasmania, past Tourism Tasmania award winners, Red Gum Travel has the expertise to provide that dream travel experience.

                                                             James Lee (Founder & Director)

Photos courtesy of: Steve Gadd, Wendy Ho, Rowen Tilley, Desmond Chung, Ken Quan, Trevor Lee, Rob Burnett, Masaaki Aihra, Paul Leith, Nick Osbourne, Graham Freeman, Adrian Cook, Garry Moore, Brendan Williams, Stephen French, Kathryn Leahy, Joe Bennett, Rob Burnett, Paul Male, Owen Feliding, Peter Aithison, Dan Uglow & Tourism Tasmania.

Our Team

Our team of knowledgeable tourism professionals is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.


We are passionate about sharing our island playground and will take that extra step to ensure your stay is luxurious, stress free, and relaxing.


Let a local show you around Tasmania.






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